Welcome to the official blog and website for SHERLOCK HOLMES AND THE WHITECHAPEL VAMPIRE. I started this blog first and foremost to promote my first novel. I want to invite others to read and discuss not only my own book but other books in any of the genres contained in my book—detective, historical fiction, and horror.

It might interest some to know that, while I am an avid fan of Sherlock Holmes, the book was not originally intended to be a Sherlock Holmes pastiche. In fact and in the strictest sense as I understand it, I still don’t believe it is truly a pastiche. For one thing, it is not being told or chronicled by Dr. Watson, and although I tried to bring a whisper of the voice of Conan Doyle, I never intended for the book to speak in Watson’s voice.

This might seem premature, since the book won’t be released until May, but I thought it would be fun to get the conversation going.

Please feel free to ask questions concerning the book in the comments section and I will endeavor to answer as best I can. And for those of you who have pre-ordered a book, thank you for joining me on this adventure in Victorian London.