I recently read the new Sherlock Holmes pastiche by Anthony Horowitz, House of Silk. I read it partially because the jacket flap had the statement that for the first time in its 125 year existence, the Conan Doyle Estate had authorized a new Holmes novel.

I found this interesting because I had gone to quite a bit of effort to get authorization from the Conan Doyle Estate to use the characters of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson (and Mrs. Hudson) and I wondered about the assertion on the book jacket. If you pick up Mr. Horowitz’s book, you will notice a seal of the Estate proudly displayed on the front cover.

I have the Estate’s permission to use the same seal. My cover was so stunning that the Estate representative said I could put the seal of the rear cover, as he didn’t want to take anything away from the beauty of the cover.

So, I just wanted to let anyone who has any interest in these things to know that the statement on Mr. Horowitz’s book is publisher hyperbole. This novel is also authorized by the Arthur Conan Doyle Estate.