I’ve been thinking that it’s nice to have a blog where I can discuss my book and relate facts about the characters and such, but that doing only that might be a bit boring. A lot of blowing my own horn. So, I’ve decided to add some pages to my blog in the days to come where I can perhaps benefit others with my book publishing experience.

Note the Conan Doyle Estate Seal to the left of the UPC

So I thought a page on my experiences writing Sherlock Holmes and the Whitechapel Vampire, from searching for an agent, to querying publishers directly, to trying to get my book reviewed in the wider literary world. That will be coming up soon. Above is a look at the full cover of my book. The seal, lower left, is the same seal that appear’s on Anthony Horowitz’s “House of Silk”.

I’m also discovering that blogging itself is really a new world with its own language and rules, so I’m considering a page on the blogging experience. Of course these might just be posts under different categories, and my uncertainty here should be a clue to any Sherlockian worth their rough shag that I’m a real novice at this.

Another possible page might be used to introduce some of my short fiction. I plan to self publish short stories or small sets of short stories that I hope will induce people to buy my larger works. Once my book has been on sale a while and I don’t have to worry to much about “spoilers”, I also want to discuss my next novel, which will be a sequel to the current one.

By the way, one thing I’m finding is that blogging steals time from writing…a painful, but at this point necessary, evil.