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Following the wonderful review from The Bookbag (see below), The Sherlock Holmes Society of London is next up to review this fascinating book which sees Sherlock Holmes cast as a woman.

“I started this book after an evening out, thinking I would just read a page or two to help me sleep… two hours later I’d read all of it. Margaret Park Bridges knows how to give a reader a good time. Each page beckons you hypnotically towards the next. It’s suspense filled, interesting, fun and, indeed funny to the point of farce on a couple of occasions.” The Bookbag

In the current newsletter from The Society, they agree that despite the controversial storyline, this is a very good book.

“Margaret Park Bridges takes an even more revisionist approach in her novel My Dear Watson (MX Publishing; £9.99/ $18.95/ €12.99). The detective’s secret is disclosed at the very start of the…

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