I’ve been thinking recently that why not have a Sherlock Holmes series based in New York?

I think audiences should at least give it a chance. To begin with, I’d be interested to find out how Sherlock and Watson came to be in the US. Oh, I know there are the “purists” who believe he belongs in jolly old England, but hey, they uprooted him from his comfortable Victorian surroundings and plopped down down in modern London, so what is so much more unpure about placing him in the Big Apple?

sherlock 930x523 CBS Making Modern Day Sherlock Holmes Show

I think our friends across the pond may be a wee bit too sensitive when it comes to Doyle’s most cherished detective. After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, they say, a fact not to be lost on Doyle himself. I have heard it rumored that the inimitable Sherlock Holmes might have had “source material” on this side of the pond in Edgar Allen Poe’s character Dupin. Food for thought…