When I first started this blog, I made a promise to myself to present every review of the book without trying to sugar coat or make excuses. After all, the review is just one person’s opinion. I am very happy with the way my book evolved and turned out. The fact that a major reviewer would even take the time to review the book of an unknown writer is a plus, in my opinion. So, here we have another review.

Publisher’s Weekly has reviewed my book. I’m afraid whoever did the reviewing wasn’t enthusiastic about it. What makes me think they just didn’t get it was that they selected a quote from the book to illustrate an example of “sloppy writing”, but it so happens to be my favorite quote from the book. So disappointing. from the review: “…having Holmes remark, illogically, ‘Coincidence, my dear Watson, is the residue of design,’ doesn’t capture the spirit of the originals…”

The full review can be read here