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“This is a first novel by an author new to Sherlockian fiction who has undertaken to unite two of the most popular Sherlockian pastiche subjects into a single volume.  The Database of Sherlockian pastiches, parodies and related fiction lists ninety five efforts to have Sherlock uncover the identity of ‘Saucy Jack.’  Further, the database also lists fifty five efforts to tell of Sherlock’s efforts to cope with Vampires.  Two of the listed items combine these themes.  A short story, “The Children of the Night,” and the current volume are the only combinations of these themes, in so far as I know.

This book also combines two investigations.  Holmes is convinced that an Italian immigrant, accused of the murder of a young Italian lady on the ship that brought them from Italy, is innocent.  Holmes’ efforts to ‘clear up’ this case lead him into the investigation that Scotland Yard are bungling…

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