I’ve recently read a novel by one of the ‘golden age of mystery’ writers, John Dickson Carr, titled THE JUDAS WINDOW.

Having not before read any of Carr’s works, I was a little taken aback by the POV from the beginning, not knowing the relationship between the narrator and the detective/barrister. The novel was engaging but not overly so. I only discovered here that this is the eighth Sir Henry Merrivale story, so I think before making any absolute judgements I should read at least the first in the series.

I read the book primarily as it was introduced to me as the quintessential locked-room mystery. I appreciate from it the complications involved in writing a novel of this sort. It would seem you must almost write in reverse, starting with the ‘how’ and then coming up with ingenious ways in which to cover it up. From that perspective, I gained much in reading it and would recommend it to others.

Judas Window