WTC2               WTC Collapse

Those of us who remember 9/11/2001, those of us who remember the horror of watching the second plane crash into the World Trade Center (WTC) tower, those of us who later watched in horror as those symbols of American prosperity came crashing to the ground sending out thick, noxious clouds of pulverized cement—we want to thank the members of the CIA for all they’ve done since to keep America safe from further catastrophic attacks, including enhanced interrogation methods.

Politicians have convenient memories. Nancy Pelosi lied about being briefed on the enhanced interrogation methods. Diane Feinstein, who will today release an intelligence investigation into enhanced interrogation techniques, was the ranking Democratic member on the Intelligence committee at the time.

Pelosi shocked                feinstein

Today, in an effort to denigrate not only the CIA, but more importantly to denigrate the man whose presidential duty it was to protect America after that horrendous event, the Intelligence Committee will release a summary of their investigation, an investigation begun because of political hatred for George Bush and Dick Cheney. The timing is such that Diane Feinstein gets to make one last grandstanding play to aid the Democratic Party by casting the Republican Party in the dark light of evil before being ushered out as Committee Chairperson. But as you hear what’s contained in this report, take a look at the Islamic State and remember these are people of the same ilk as those who attacked the WTC. Then ask yourself if you wouldn’t water board a terrorist to prevent domination by such a creed.

Then read the article linked here. It’s written by the former head of the enhanced interrogation program. It might open your eyes, if they are still closed.