Short story published in Nth Degree …

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I nearly forgot that I’ve recently had one of my earlier short stories published online in the Nth Degree Fiction magazine Issue #25…I do like the illustration they put with it!


The story is “Harcourt Manor” and is a sort of haunted house story. I hope you enjoy it.

New video review for “Sherlock Holmes and the Body Snatchers”

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Ross K Foad gives a review of the second novel in the Whitechapel Vampire trilogy.

Short story with MX Publishing…

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I forgot to post that I have submitted a Sherlock Holmes short story to MX Publishing that they say they will publish as an ebook. The story is titled “SHERLOCK HOLMES and the RAVEN’S CALL” and is a pastiche in the true sense. It is set shortly after Holmes has retired to raise bees in Sussex. It is after he purchases his new digs that he discovers the deceased previous owner may not have died accidentally as reported. I think it’s a very good tale and perhaps reminiscent of Poe in some respects. I’ll post as soon as I know it’s available. It should be a $2.99 ebook when it comes out.

Ravens call Adventure

Prologue to new novel…

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I’ve decided to allow everyone who visits this page to get a preview of my new novel, tenatively titled



I’m hoping this will entice Beta Readers, since I didn’t get any replies from my BETA READER post.

I hope you enjoy this:

The canvas topping of the longboat provides little protection from the frigid night air. She drifts into and out of consciousness. During her more lucid moments, she feels the cold stealing away her life. Her hair, dampened by the spray of icy water, stiffens in the wind. The storm tosses her from crest to trough to crest. Abigail strains to see the silhouette of the Animus Lacuna as it tops a wave. Each time it does her spirit sinks a bit more as the flash from the lightning shows it to be even more distant than the time before.

Cold, disheartened, and exhausted, she fights against the relentless onslaught of sleep, knowing it is a sleep from which she might never awaken. Only his promise gives her hope–a promise that now seems as remote as Antonio.

“Can you forgive me?” he’d said as he cradled her in his arms. “I should never have brought you on this journey.”

“Tonietto, don’t. I wanted to come, to be with you.”

“But the ship is lost, the hull breached. I’m not sure how long she’ll hold together. Even with all my strength I can’t protect you, can’t shield you from the storm…and the cold.”

“What will become of us, Tonietto?” tears stream from her eyes.

“Abigail, you know what I am; you know I will survive…” the plaintive tone in his voice chills her more than the night air.

“Yes, yes, I know, Tonietto,” she answers drawing his arms around her even more tightly, frightened by his eyes as much as by the ominous sounds of twisting timber and water rushing into the ship, decks below.

“But there is a way we can still be together.” Always confident, his voice is now more tentative than she has ever heard.

“How? What is it?”

“You must trust me. It won’t be easy for you and you may find it too horrifying to contemplate but it’s the only way.”

“I don’t want to die, Antonio.”

Gently he caresses her face, smiling into her uncomprehending eyes, “I can’t prevent that, but if you trust me, you can survive. We can still be together.”

“But how?” Her eyes plead for an answer.

“Do you trust me?”

Beta-readers wanted…

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Do you have a knack for seeing the errors in someone else’s written word? Do you cnnsider yourself above average at catching inconsistencies?

Do you like to read???

Why not become a beta-reader for my newest novel, SHERLOCK HOLMES AND THE BODY SNATCHER!

Sign up now and tell me a bit about your qualifications. I can’t guarantee you’ll be selected, but I am sincerely looking.

Leave a comment, or contact Baron Barlucci on TWITTER!

Ideas for the sequel…

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Although I’ve written the draft for the sequel to

Sherlock Holmes and the Whitechapel Vampire

I thought it would be fun to solicit ideas for what the reader would like to see in it. If you should happen by this blog, do stop a moment and comment…particularly if you’ve read my first novel.

Sherlock Holmes and the Whitechapel Vampire on audio…

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I’ve just learned that my book, Sherlock Holmes and the Whitechapel Vampire, is now available as an audiobook.

My publisher, MX Publishing, surprised me with an email yesterday, but I only saw it tonight. I was ecstatic as I have a friend who is blind and I’ve been toying with the idea of recording the book myself, but I don’t have the right equipment to make a really good recording. Now I don’t have to.

Thanks MX Publishing, and especially Steve Emecz, for making this happen!

Twitter – Socialist network, or anti-social?

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First, let me say I’m soliciting comments from anyone who might have insight to my character’s problem.

Okay, that may be a bit strong, but one of my characters, Baron Barlucci, has a Twitter account and when he arose from his crypt last found it had been suspended. His crime? Sending “unsolicited” tweets to other twitter accounts. Now you may ask if they were improper, indecent, or just too many of them over and over. I’ve only his word to say no to each of these, but he’s never lied to me before.

It seems recently, in an effort to aid me in my attempt to discover what agents are reading what, he has recently followed several agents, editors and the like. My suspicion is that one of these New York business folk got their ire up at being contacted by a mere character. The baron usually replies with a witty remark on a tweet someone else has posted.

My question is, if the person (and I use that term loosely) who may have found some offense at being ‘tweeted’ on Twitter, why didn’t they simply tweet back a “please don’t tweet me” message. My guess is that they knew how that would look, a word rhyming with ‘itchy’, and thought it would be easier to poison the Baron’s Twitter experience by anonymously. My guess is that they use this spam rule: “If you send large numbers of unsolicited @replies or mentions in an attempt to spam a service or link”. Though he occasionally reference my book and my blog, he does it sparingly so and hey, isn’t the ‘network’ part of social networking?

My belief is that a single user felt they were just too important to be bothered by a fiction character and complained. Now, the baron is contemplating chucking his account.