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Recently I read an article saying scientists last year published data that the universe is dying. Don’t panic, apparently it’s been dying for the last 10 billion years and will continue to die for trillions more. So this isn’t the news that grabbed my attention.


What I found more fascinating than a dying universe was the postulation that dark energy was causing the expansion of this dying universe to speed up. And that dark matter is a substance that keeps our own galaxy from flying apart. These ideas seem to me to be counter-intuitive, but then they were predicted by no less an Einstein than Einstein, so who am I to doubt?
Anyway, this got me thinking about how in almost every culture, every genre, every folk tale, darkness is equated with evil. And then to find out that dark energy is speeding up the demise of the universe is to me, quite shocking and a bit revelatory. I mean, it tends to imply that we have an innate sense of the universe and the place of darkness within it. So, rather than saying that evil is negative energy, perhaps it’s more accurate to say that evil is possessed of dark energy.


This gives thought perhaps to having an evil genius or race of aliens who use dark energy in ways we use (should we call it) light energy, with the theme of Good vs Evil becoming an actual battle between darkness and light for the very life of the universe.

It was just a thought.

Book Review: “The Holmes-Dracula Files” by Fred Saberhagen…


I downloaded this book for my Nook primarily because I had received a review from Publisher’s Weekly that mentioned it while saying my own book, “Sherlock Holmes and the Whitechapel Vampire” wasn’t very imaginative in that the Holmes-Dracula connection had been done. Since it mentioned this book, I thought I would read it to see for myself. I must say I disagree with the reviewer as this book isn’t even close to my own except it does have a vampire and Sherlock Holmes. I thought and still do think that my book is original in its premise that Ripper could have been a vampire.

Having explained that, I will say I found this novel entertaining and would certainly have given it a higher rating had I not found the relationship described between Sherlock Holmes and the vampire to be superfluous, unnecessary and simply unsatisfying. In my opinion, the book would have been much improved had the author left the two with less of a personal relationship. Beyond that, which for me was just too much, I found the book a good read.

Is Mitt Romney Count Dracula?…

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I saw this headline in an editorial by Roger Simon at Politico and, since my book has a very Dracula-esque character, had to include a blog post with the article name as a headline. I liked it so much I also included it on my political blog, Prizewinning Political Cartoons