Those of us who remember 9/11/2001…

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 WTC2               WTC Collapse

Those of us who remember 9/11/2001, those of us who remember the horror of watching the second plane crash into the World Trade Center (WTC) tower, those of us who later watched in horror as those symbols of American prosperity came crashing to the ground sending out thick, noxious clouds of pulverized cement—we want to thank the members of the CIA for all they’ve done since to keep America safe from further catastrophic attacks, including enhanced interrogation methods.

Politicians have convenient memories. Nancy Pelosi lied about being briefed on the enhanced interrogation methods. Diane Feinstein, who will today release an intelligence investigation into enhanced interrogation techniques, was the ranking Democratic member on the Intelligence committee at the time.

Pelosi shocked                feinstein

Today, in an effort to denigrate not only the CIA, but more importantly to denigrate the man whose presidential duty it was to protect America after that horrendous event, the Intelligence Committee will release a summary of their investigation, an investigation begun because of political hatred for George Bush and Dick Cheney. The timing is such that Diane Feinstein gets to make one last grandstanding play to aid the Democratic Party by casting the Republican Party in the dark light of evil before being ushered out as Committee Chairperson. But as you hear what’s contained in this report, take a look at the Islamic State and remember these are people of the same ilk as those who attacked the WTC. Then ask yourself if you wouldn’t water board a terrorist to prevent domination by such a creed.

Then read the article linked here. It’s written by the former head of the enhanced interrogation program. It might open your eyes, if they are still closed.


Why immigration…why now?

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Wiser men than I have pontificated on the implications of the President using his Executive Powers to jump-start immigration reform. Advocates say it’s about time, opponents say it’s overreach. So, one has to ask what’s really going on?

Why do they come?
Why do they come?

President Obama has been in office now for six years, the first two he had his political party in majority in both houses of congress. If immigration had been a priority, he could have done something then. But he didn’t. He didn’t because the Affordable Care Act, dubbed Obamacare, took precedence. But it wasn’t signed into law until March of 2010, and by that time he had to worry about mid-term elections, so immigration had to wait—again.

Only in America
Only in America

When the Republicans won a majority in the House of Representatives in the 2010 mid-terms, the President and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid knew they would have to wait. In order to get an immigration bill through both houses of congress there would have to be assurances that the border security issue was addressed up front, and that is the last thing President Obama and the Democratic Party wants, a closed border.

Secure border fence
Secure border fence

Their adamant opposition to a secure border doesn’t make sense from a purely defensive point of view. But defense is not the Democrats priority. Setting up a perpetually self-electing constituency is their first priority. (The opposition to a secure border was never clearer than in the recent Ebola Virus scare when the obviously prudent measure of restricting flights from afflicted countries, a measure taken up by a number of other countries including Australia, was rejected out of hand.)

enemy at gate

A continual flow of poor Mexicans and Central Americans coming in to the United States is the key to the Democratic strategy. These people come to America looking for a better life—and they find it. Those who can work, do work and work hard for meager wages many times. This benefits their employers who can hire illegals to work for less and without the necessity to pay into the Social Security system in many cases. But many of these illegals may bring with them other things, like Tuberculosis, or the unspecified upper respiratory virus plaguing American children now.

Migrant workers
Migrant workers

Those illegals who come here sick or become sick get free treatment. Their children go to our schools and get on the free lunch program. In California, if the parent of a child claims they are homeless, the school cannot even enforce vaccination for the children. They are admitted along with American children and are not screened for disease, are placed on the free lunch program and put into special classes for non-English speakers, all at the expense of the taxpayer. And who do they have to thank for all this laxity? Democratic politicians. The quid pro quo is their vote, illegal or if they do become citizens, then because they have relations who need the assistance, legal votes. This is the reason for opposition to Voter ID laws.


So now, with the last election he has to put up with over, the President, because he can’t get legislation to his liking passed in Congress, has decided to take the law—and the making of it—into his own hands, which answers the questions of why immigration and why now.

Is the American Voter Stupid?

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With so much about President Obama, Obama-care, and Jonathan Gruber, and their apparent disregard for the American voter in the news lately, I felt I needed to weigh in.

Gruber obama schultz

Is the American Voter stupid, as many of the elite lawmakers and policymakers in Washington appear to believe? No. I don’t believe so. What I do believe is that the vast majority of Americans are not provided with the facts they need to make cogent decisions on policies being enacted in Washington, and I believe this is just how the policymakers want it.

There was a time when Americans could tune into one of the big three networks and get 30-60 minutes of the top news each evening. Cynics will say that back then it was just as slanted as it is today, but I don’t believe that to be true. Cynics will also say that there is no excuse for voters to be uninformed with all of the sources of news they have at their fingertips with the advent of the internet. I believe the sheer enormity of those sources is part of the problem.

In the fifties and sixties Americans would tune into their nightly broadcasts and watch their choice of newscasters tell them of the goings on in the world and the nation. In my home, it was the Huntley-Brinkley Report. I remember hearing the second movement of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony and knowing the news was about to start. Perhaps the reporting was slanted one way or the other but if it was it was not so blatant that the viewer didn’t get at least of modicum of understanding of what the issues were and what was at stake. Also, the limited time allotted to the newscast was not taken up by so much of the vacuous nonsense that makes up today’s network broadcasts and editorial commentary was clearly labeled just that.

Regarding the idea that an uninformed voter is inexcusable in the information age that presupposes with the vast amounts of ‘information’ and opinion masquerading as information out there that the voter knows where to go to get unbiased reportage. The truth is there is very little out there that isn’t biased. I believe that the vast majority of Americans who want to be informed have abandoned the hallowed three networks in search of alternative sources. This has caused or at least exacerbated a polarization between those that have remained loyal to the networks and those that have fled.

Network loyalists, on the whole, are those not opposed to the unmitigated bias in reporting by the big three. Those that have abandoned the networks in search of a more balanced brand of news have in some cases fallen into the trap of ‘if it’s giving an opposing view, it must be unbiased’ when in fact they’ve only managed to find the other end of the spectrum.

All of this works counter to producing a well-informed voter. What is needed is not a return to the Cronkite and the Huntley-Brinkley Report, but a channel of information, much like provided in the California voter information guide, that presents both sides of issues in a reasoned approach and allows the voter to decide. Unfortunately, because the average American voter is more invested in feeding their family and raising their children than in understanding the intricacies of foreign and domestic policies, they don’t have the time required to read and digest everything from what’s going on in the Middle East to what’s going on in the local water district.

The American voter isn’t stupid, he and she are tired of Washington assuming too much and doing too little to make their lives more livable.

True horror…

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Every once in a while a politician inadvertantly reveals himself…but in this case, the revelation is for a party, or at least the delegates of a party and the ends to which their “leaders” will go to hide their true, core beliefs (or disbeliefs)…

This snippet is from the Democratic National Convention and is included here as not only a piece of fiction, but an horrific piece of fiction at that…

Sherlock home saved from developers | Radio Times

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Sherlock home saved from developers | Radio Times.

Is Mitt Romney Count Dracula?…

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I saw this headline in an editorial by Roger Simon at Politico and, since my book has a very Dracula-esque character, had to include a blog post with the article name as a headline. I liked it so much I also included it on my political blog, Prizewinning Political Cartoons